Day: August 2, 2008

Bishops Blogging, August 2

Today, much talking about the talk, so to speak: How language challenges us. How we hear things, how we say things, and how to truly listen–and speak–when there’s so much noise. The Bishops are coming to the end of indabas and bible study with colleagues from around the world, and are feeling pangs of sadness at it being time to go, wonder at what has been accomplished (even if it hasn’t seemed like much to those outside).

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The divine rush of running

Andrea Useem writes on’s Poked and Prodded blog about the condition known as runner’s high, and her own experience with it during her first marathon. The exultation she felt reminded her more of a religious experience than of any chemical rush, she says, and it piqued her interest enough to drill down into the phenomenon a bit more.

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Vacation’s all I ever wanted

The Roanoke Times points out that even pastors sometimes have to just get away. They interviewed about two dozen local clergy members from various denominations and came away reporting just how difficult it is for many of them to take that time off. The Rev. Barkley Thompson of St. John’s Episcopal in Roanoke, Va., was one of those priests—trying to get out the door for his vacation even as he was being interviewed, Book of Common Prayer in hand as his family loaded up for the trip.

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Canadian primate uneasy at Lambeth

“I think what we’re running into is a kind of difficult rubbing between the indaba process which has been in large measure very conversational, very relational” and the work of the WCG, which is “seeking to find structures and procedures whereby we can remain in communion with one another,” said Archbishop Hiltz. “How the two can interface for the well-being is a huge challenge at this moment.”

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Live: feudal morality

The bishops keep asking Western churches to sacrifice their desire to include GLBT people more fully in the Church. Who exactly do the bishops think is authorize to negotiate this sacrifice on behalf of gay and lesbian Christians? The primarily male, exclusively heterosexual delegations from the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada?

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Live: bits and pieces as time ebbs at Lambeth

The hearings and indaba conversations have become more contentious in recent days, as some of the bishops push for a reaffirmation of Lambeth 1. 10. Conference organizers say it is highly unlikely that Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will alter the conference agenda to permit any sort of vote, so those who want to produce such a statement may have to draft it and then seek signatures.

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Inwardly digesting the Scriptures

A wise priest once said that interpreting the Scripture is like eating a trout. Some bites are fleshy and fall right off the bone, easy to eat and tasty. Others are spiny and hard to swallow, the small bones sticking in your throat. This fellows says, “as with the Bible, go for the easy parts first, and when you’ve learned how good they are, and how good fish is, then go after the hard bites.”

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Creatures of habit

When we are nearby to our usual place of meditation, we should return to that place at the appointed times, for we are sustained by such continuity. We are physical creatures, and concrete reinforcement of habits of meditation, prayer, and gratefulness will assist us in the work.

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