Day: August 9, 2008

Chinese Religiosities

With the Olympics going on, much attention is gathering around the China’s policies on religion. Speaking of Faith took a look at China and its religious identity crisis of sorts a couple of weeks ago when Krista Tippett talked to professor and documentary director Mayfair Yang: “Put the words “religion” and “China” in a sentence together, and Western imaginations may go to indifference at best, to brutal repression at worst. Yet in grand historical perspective, China is a crucible of religious and philosophical thought and practice. Anthropologist and filmmaker Mayfair Yang says that the upheavals of the 20th century created an amnesia — in the West as in China itself — about this rich, pluralistic spiritual inheritance.”

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What good can come from homonegativity?

Dr. Bernard Ratigan, writing in Comment is Free over at the Guardian, is a member of the International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and observes that the “gay issue” is thorny for many reasons, not the least of which being a strong distaste for it coming up again and again to the detriment of, as some see it, more important work in the church. Dr. Ratigan comes at it from a more clinical point of view, noting that gays who remain in a church that is hostile toward their sexuality have a greater rate of mental illness.

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And then there were bills

The Telegraph is today covering–as in writing about, not paying for–the shortfall faced by Lambeth organizers now that the £6 million price tag is coming due. The Archbishop’s Council of the Church of England is lending £600,000 of the £1 million that the Lambeth Company urgently needs to raise to cover expenses, including the three-week rental of the University of Kent campus as well as feeding and transporting hundreds of bishops and their spouses.

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Struggling to reach a new level of maturity

Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has a long-view column in the Guardian. Her conclusion: “The Anglican communion’s present reality reflects a struggle to grow into a new level of maturity, like that of adult siblings in a much-conflicted family….

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Whalon on 24

Bishop Pierre Whalon, as one of the blogging bishops, has written extensively about his impressions about Lambeth. But in this more mainstream media piece, a 12-minute Q&A interview with France 24, Whalon explains a brief history of the Anglican church and its status as the third-largest body of Christians in the world. And when he’s asked whether he felt the move toward schism at the meeting, Whalon states firmly, “No, actually, I thought we were moving away from it.”

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Scenes from a family reunion

Except for drawing the family tree (also known as a diagram or genogram), I determined simply to listen, watch and enjoy folks. I became the self- appointed “game cousin,” finding ways to gather facts and stories about each other through play. I believe the lighthearted pleasure we share is what keeps us returning to reunions and staying in touch throughout the year.

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Gathering the broken pieces

There is a great waste of power in our failure to appreciate our opportunities. ‘If I only had the gifts that this man has I would do the large and beautiful things that he does. But I never have the chance of doing such things.

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