Day: August 11, 2008

Fort Worth requests union with Roman Catholic Church

The presentation was the result of two years of prayer and discernment regarding the future of our Diocese. At the conclusion of our discernment period, we shared our Findings with our Bishop, the Right Reverend Jack Leo Iker. Bishop Iker endorsed our report and gave us his “unequivocal support” to proceed with a presentation to Bishop Vann.

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Labor organizing effort leads to theological dispute

The Sisters of St. Joseph sponsors a system of 14 hospitals and employs 20,000 workers in three states. SEIU wants to organize in these hospitals. The hospital system and the union have reached an impasse as to the rules for an election. The clash is more than between union and management. It is a clash of theology.

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Creating new Christian communities in cyberspace

Simone Heidbrink (aka Hana Undertone) is a junior researcher at the Institute for Religious Studies at University of Heidelberg and has looked at social networking as it effects the creation of new kinds of faith communities via the internet.

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Churches deal with energy costs in a variety of ways

As energy costs rise, the church must contend with energy costs. Some congregations are looking at ways to conserve, others are changing the fuel they use, and the General Theological Seminary is heating and cooling the close with geothermal technology.

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Looking to Heaven

Tomorrow the Perseid meteor shower will reach its peak. For those who can find a dark enough spot, who are willing to sit up throughout the long night, the reward is awesome. Up to 60 shooting stars an hour fly through the sky, blazing with a sudden and glorious streak of light

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Holy poverty

As I hear of your holy conduct and irreproachable life, which is known not only to me but to the entire world as well, I greatly rejoice and exult in the Lord. . . . For, though you, more than others, could have enjoyed the magnificence and honor and dignity of the world and could have been married to the illustrious Caesar with splendor befitting you and His Excellency, you have rejected all these things and have chosen with your whole heart and soul a life of holy poverty and destitution.

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