Day: August 14, 2008

Rick Warren, moderate?

The Washington Post’s On Faith section would like us to believe that megachurch pastor Rick Warren, who is hosting a presidential debate on issues of faith, is a religious moderate. But it was Warren who wrote Time magazine’s egregious puff piece on Peter Akinola and who supported Henry Orombi’s boycott of the Lambeth Conference. Nice company.

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The sound of music, not gunfire

The Rev. William Terry isn’t naive. He knows criminals won’t come running when they hear about a gun-exchange program. But Horns for Guns is about more than turning in guns. It’s about putting musical instruments into the hands of young people and teaching them to play. It’s about people coming together as a community.

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The Martyrs of Knoxville

The gunman in Knoxville, Jim Adkisson, said he was angry at the “liberal movement” and found a target for his rage in a church that has expressed its witness to God in ways some have labeled liberal.

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Extraordinary commitment

As soon as [ESCRU’s executive director, the Rev.] John Morris learned of Daniels’s death, he made arrangements for the body to be flown back to Daniels’s home in Keene, New Hampshire, for burial. In place of a formal eulogy at the funeral service, excerpts from Daniels’s theological writings were read aloud to the mourners gathered at St. James’ Church.

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