Day: August 19, 2008

Who was the first Christian president of the US?

Every elected president has referred to God, providence, or a “higher power,” in an inaugural address. Whether this says more about the president’s personal faith or the expectations of the audience, such statements show the close connection between American politics and the public expression of religious belief.

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How many Episcopalians does it take to change a light bulb?

Bishop Mark Hollingsworth, Jr. of the Diocese of Ohio challenged all the Episcopal congregations in northern Ohio to replace as many incandescent bulbs as possible with CFLs. He also invited every parishioner in his diocese to try CFLs in the five most-used light fixtures in their homes.

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Progressive and religious

…progressive religious leaders are tapping the deep connections between religion and social justice to work on issues like poverty and workers’ rights, the environment, health care, pluralism, and human rights.

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Bishop of Pittsburgh has concerns

I thought that you might appreciate hearing from me about concerns the approach of the WCG has caused for me and for all the Common Cause Partners. The WCG proposes “cessation of all cross-border interventions and inter-provincial claims of jurisdiction.” There are at least four serious problems with the thinking surrounding the work of the Windsor Continuation Group in this regard.

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Friendly fire: an avoidable fatality

Private Gray is certainly not a Christ-figure. Like the two criminals whom Scripture portrays as crucified alongside Jesus, Private Gray has admitted to committing multiple crimes. Yet he remains our neighbor and a child of God. Nothing that a person can do places him or her beyond the pale of God’s love.

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Pushing old boundaries

Over and over, God’s call to us means pushing old boundaries, embracing outsiders, giving up the notion that there is not enough of us to go around. We may resist; we may even lose our tempers, but the call of God is insistent, as insistent as the Canaanite woman who would not leave Jesus alone.

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