Day: August 21, 2008

Going to church improves GPA

Does going to to church improve kids GPA? A new study shows that children and youth who attend church have higher grades than their peers. The surprise in the study is that it does not matter if they believe what they hear in church, it is attendance that matters.

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My big fat straight wedding

What’s the difference between homosexuals and heterosexuals? Andrew Sullivan remembers his own wedding and says, after the California Supreme Court ruling last May, that American culture and law are at last acknowledging that there is none.

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Moratorium? Not again

Some of our global Anglican bishops have called for a moratorium on blessing same sex unions and ordaining LGBT bishops (or maybe even LGBT clergy). Can we accept their moratorium? Not if we remember what another moratorium cost our church in integrity when we turned away from black America at a moment of Gospel opportunity.

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Growing from mistakes

This is one of the Scripture passages that fall under the category of “The Hard Sayings of Jesus,” those recorded moments when he doesn’t behave as we think he should. Who wants a Savior who acts like a New York waiter?

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