Day: August 27, 2008

In Canada, legal maneuvers over church property

The Diocese of New Westminster has taken steps under the its bylaws to remove clergy who have left the Anglican Church of Canada rather than accepting the decisions of its local and national governing bodies. In the past few months, the Courts in both B.C. and Ontario have issued preliminary findings in similar cases upholding similar actions by two other Dioceses. Attempts to appeal those rulings in both cases have been unsuccessful and costs have been awarded to the Dioceses involved.

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Charles Wesley code broken

“At one point in the journal he is talking to the society at Grimsby and goes into block capitals and says ‘I told them I would remain with them as long as they remained with the Church of England but should they ever turn their back on the Church they turn their back on me’.”

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Preacher with the hands

I remember very vividly the first time that I ever saw Dr. Gallaudet. I was a candidate for Holy Orders. I do not want to say anything to give anybody pain–certainly not a priest of the Church, whose office it is to minister in the City of New York; but I was wandering about the streets of New York on a summer day–it was in August, I remember–to find, if I might, a church that was open on a Sunday afternoon in August.

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I am not a doctor,
but I play one in Sudan

The hardest part for me is when my Sudanese friends trust me to do things that I know are beyond me. Such as when I was asked, at 4 o’clock one morning, to deliver a baby – by Caesarian section. Or when a student asked me to extract his rotting molar. Or when one friend, knowing that I had had an emergency appendectomy while in the United States, decided that meant I was qualified to do the same for one of his relatives.

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