Day: September 12, 2008

Texas prepares

The Diocese of Texas is preparing to respond to the expected emergency conditions that will be left in Hurricane Ike’s wake this weekend. They’ve updated their diocesan website with emergency contact information and disaster checklists.

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Church attendance and voter turnout

A paper published at the National Bureau of Economic Research has found a definite and measurable link between decreasing church attendance and decreasing voter turnout in elections.

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Scottish Primate on Lambeth

Bishop Idris Jones, in an address to his Diocesan Council, speaks of what he believes happens and didn’t happen at this summer’s Lambeth Conference. While he rhetorically overstates the condition of the Communion, he rightly points out that the Communion is in a phase of rapid transformation.

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What size are God’s shoes?

The fact is we don’t know what God looks like. We haven’t a clue. Scripture certainly gives us lots of images of God. But I can’t really tell the boys that God is a rock or a whirlwind or fire. We’re told that we’re made in the image of God but that doesn’t really help us too much. Is that literal or metaphorical? And getting into an existential debate with a four-year old is a road to nowhere. Believe me, I’ve tried.

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Zeal awakened

Let a regard for the honour of the Church, and for the glory of God who delights in order in his worship, awaken the zeal of every member of the Church. Let him preserve silence in the parts of the service performed by the minister, joining in them not with his voice, but with sincerity of mind and heart.

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