Day: September 17, 2008

House of Bishops meets in Salt Lake City

First day report from the House of Bishops meeting in Salt Lake City. Discussion centered around their experience of the Lambeth Conference. The bishops will take up the matter of the status of the Bishop of Pittsburgh, Robert Duncan, later in their meeting. UPDATED

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Jesus spoke Greek

Jesus responded to Greek speaking people in their own language. Jesus met people where they were. Jesus didn’t force people to conform to his smaller linguistic comfort zone of Aramaic. He learnt the lingua franca. Jesus doesn’t use his knowledge of Greek to proselytize. He uses Greek to enter the world of others so as to consider and respond to their requests.

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A vision of living brightness

As an old woman, Hildegard described very clearly the two different ways in which her visions presented themselves to her, in a letter to Guibert of Gembloux. (The letter caused Guibert to leave everything he was doing and become her secretary for the last few years of her life, following the death of Volmar.)

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