Day: September 19, 2008

Salt Lake City meeting

The meeting of the House of Bishops in Salt Lake City is being characterized as a difficult one but also as not simply one where the focus was on the vote to depose the Bishop of Pittsburgh. The bishops discussed Hurricane relief and the future of theological education as part of their meeting.

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South African Synod

The Synod of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa met this week and released a statement as result of their conversations. It is a reminder that in a week filled with reports about the actions of the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops there are more pressing crises around the world.

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The post-deposition news conference and minutes

What canonical challenges were raised during the debate over the deposition of Bishop Robert Duncan? How will his diocese be reconstituted when he leaves? The Presiding Bishop and others offer some answers. (Updated with certified minutes and roll call on deposition.)

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Advice for Electiontide

Anger– especially anger that feels “righteous,” when we’re raging against injustice and the bad guys– is addictive. It’s hard to let go of. As someone who’s lived in wars, during bitter political struggles, and also in post-conflict societies, I can tell you that anger flung around recklessly during a conflict poisons the water of civil society for a long time.

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Church foundations

It would, of course, be naïve to assume that the Synod of Whitby settled all differences in favor of Rome. Few immediate changes took place, and there was no immediate large-scale submission of the Celtic Church to the Roman. But the balance had been tipped in favor of the Roman party.

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