Day: September 20, 2008

Bishop reactions to Duncan issue, Saturday edition

Today in reactions to the HoB vote of Friday, we have several reports–not so much of reactions as explanations of “why I voted the way I did.” The reports indicate that the conversation was respectful and that there was an undercurrent of sadness throughout the proceeding.

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Professor Blair’s first class

Tony Blair, as Howland Distinguished Fellow at Yale University, “officially” kicked off his teaching career yesterday with an address and question & answer session to some 2,000 students at Yale’s Woolsey Hall. His engaging style and sense of humor were apparent in the forum, which sets the stage for the Faith and Globalization Initiative. Blair also is teaching a course on faith and globalization as part of the initiative, which is “a three-year collaboration among Yale’s Divinity School, the School of Management and Blair’s own Tony Blair Faith Foundation,’ according to the Hartford Courant.

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Pentecostalism goes global

In the Times Literary Supplement this week, David Martin explores the history of the Pentecostal Movement and why it’s spreading worldwide, citing Palin’s nomination as

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Beyond Gideon

The Associated Press’s religion feature this week is on a trend among “boutique” hotels to offer a menu of spiritual food. Page around in the

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Our primary identity

Like so many things in our lives that matter, that shape us that we invest with thought and emotion – they are not all primary to our life, identity or calling. Those years we spent in college, or school, or summer camp. Even our present time spent in jobs, activities or (since it’s an election year) politics: these things matter, but are they primary to our life, identity and calling?

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Giving life gladly

John Coleridge Patteson was born in 1827 and came to New Zealand to assist Bishop Selwyn. He was put in charge of the Melanesian Mission. As its bishop from 1861, he opened up the islands to the gospel, and educated Melanesians to be priests and evangelists.

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