Day: September 26, 2008

Williams visits Lourdes

The Archbishop of Canterbury visited Lourdes earlier this week, the site where the Virgin Mary is supposed to have appeared to St. Bernadette. He was

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Partial settlement in VA

News of a settlement with some of the parties involved in the lawsuits between the Diocese of Virginia and two of the break-away congregations was published on the diocesan website this afternoon

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The Church in uncertain financial times

There are a number of stories starting to appear that are all basically attempts to think theologically about what is happening in the world’s financial markets. But there’s no real consensus yet on whether the Church should speak out now.

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Reports of violence against Christians in India

Violent attacks on church members that have left more than 60 dead began in late August in southern India according to a report by the Church of Brethren in Christ released this week. The attacks lasted for 12 days and are believed by some to have been instigated by the regional government in attempt to heighten divisions in the region prior to a coming election.

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The Episcopal Church: excelling in irrelevance?

The church stands unprepared to deal with economic hard times; it spends unconscionable amounts of money and human resources on propping up failing congregations that have no sense of mission; it eschews any prophetic stance against a corrupt government and a moribund Congress; and it seems to have no sensitivity to the plight of its own members.

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Partakers of the Spirit

Andrewes declares that on the mystery of the incarnatio Dei, the incarnation of God, there follows a corresponding mystery, the inspiration hominis, the in-spiration of man. The once for all event of the birth of Christ finds its fulfillment in the ever-renewed process of the coming of the Spirit.

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