Day: September 28, 2008

The most important part of the debate

Somewhere in my attic there is a fading copy of a campus newspaper from 1967—my first year as a law professor at the University of Mississippi. The headline, as I recall, says “Negro to Address Ole Miss Class.” In the space of my own adulthood, a world in which a guest lecture by a black man was a front-page news story has morphed into a world in which a person of color will be speaking on the Rebel campus tonight as a candidate for president of the United States.

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McLaren emerging

Despite what some critics assume, Brian McLaren, the most controversial of emergent leaders, does not represent all things emerging. But he does represent the more progressive wing, and his latest books offer a glimpse of where that movement might be heading.

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Greed as a sin in the modern world

Economics has given us a lot of better words, from self-interest to incentive to profit. They do not mean the same thing as greed, but they have displaced it, obscured it — and certainly demoted it from being a deadly sin.

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Did your priest endorse anyone today?

As we previously reported, today is “Pulpit Freedom Sunday”, a day designated by the Alliance Defense Fund for ministers and other religious leaders to challenge the half century IRS prohibition on political speech by churches. To challenge that rule, several pastors plan to defy the ban by making endorsements from the pulpit. And, as we previously reported, many other religious leaders have challenged the wisdom of this challenge.

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Emptying ourselves

No one can enter into their deepest centre

and pass through that centre into God,

unless they are able to pass entirely out of themselves

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