Day: October 4, 2008

Oh, the hymns you will sing

Timothy O’Toole has a column in today’s Albany Union-Times on the abundance and diversity of church music. “Most hymnals have work derived from European sources, but America is blessed with an exceptional variety of home-grown music. Drawing from Charles Wesley’s English experience, what was once secular can become sacred with a few lyric modifications,” he writes.

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Bad boy screenwriter pens conversion memoir

Joe Eszterhas is infamous for having penned the screenplay for one of Hollywood’s worst movies, the raunchy Showgirls that, after a much-hyped release in 1995 (mostly owing to its NC-17 rating) tanked on the big screen—only to become a camp classic in its video-release afterlife. But now he’s writing about something different: after being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2001, he sat down in a moment of despair and found a part of him asking for God’s help.

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Save a tree. Shrink your Sunday bulletin.

What would it take for us in the Episcopal Church to stop producing millions of pages of bulletins and service booklets every Sunday? We all know how costly it is for our environment to keep producing paper, to say nothing of the cost of making and maintaining computers, printers, copiers, sorters, and duplicators.

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Francis and the “other”

Francis’ famous embrace of the leper he met on the road was not merely a response to human suffering but, in medieval terms, an encounter with the excluded “other.” Lepers were not simply infected with a fearful disease.

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