Day: October 7, 2008

Speak truth to power

Speakers at the congress of the World Association for Christian Communicators (WACC) tell members that the Church and the media play an essential role in checking the misuse of power.

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Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust

The Roman Catholic Church wants to declare Cardinal John Henry Newman a saint. They wanted to remove his body to a place where the new saint could be properly venerated. To do this, the body would have to have been separated from the remains of the man Newman wanted to be buried with. After much controversy, they finally opened the grave and found…nothing.

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Know your community, build your ministry

Getting a parish to think of themselves beyond the “four walls” of their church and engaging the community is a critical step of having a vital, active congregation that proclaims Christ. Doing that effectively requires that the congregation nurture their relationship to the community they live in.

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Congolese Anglicans stranded by rebel attack

Isingoma and the synod delegates “have no way out as all roads are cut off,” Ngadjole said, noting that their only option is to take a diverted route to reach Bunia, a distance of about 124 miles, at their own risk. “Those coming from the invaded area have not yet heard from their families.

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Bill Maher’s Religulous: an exercise in caricature

Religious people are shown in interviews and film clips only as gullible and fanatic, as fraudulent and nutty. There’s one exception that proves the rule, a Catholic astronomer priest who shows that a scientific worldview can only be post-enlightenment and that therefore the biblical view of creation cannot be seen as scientific. Alas, he gets two minutes.

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Mom, teach us to pray

My five-year-old daughter asked me at breakfast one morning about her bedtime prayers. She wasn’t really sure, she admitted, just what to say to God. (Now this is the sort of opening I like: “Mom, teach us to pray.”)

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