Day: October 8, 2008

Diocese: Falls Church deeds held by Christ Church

Diocese of Virginia attorneys have produced two 18th-century land deeds that say Christ Church possesses the property. The deeds say the land was owned by “Truro parish,” the designation for Colonial churches in Pohick, Alexandria and Falls Church. The diocese unearthed two U.S. Supreme Court decisions in 1815 and 1824 saying that Christ Church is the successor to Truro parish and that the Falls Church was a ward of the Alexandria congregation.

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Hatching of the heart

The “closed heart” is a striking image for our condition. It is as if our selves are normally encased in a hard rind, in a tough shell. Why is this so? Why do we commonly have closed hearts?

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Is this God?

Talking with preaching colleagues and with lay people about the parables we’ve heard in church these past few months, I’ve noticed how hard it is to break our habit of interpreting rich landlords, slave owners, kings, and fathers in Jesus’ storytelling as stand-ins for God, even though these authority figures in the parables consistently act foolishly, arbitrarily, or dangerously toward people who are dependent on them for wellbeing.

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