Day: October 13, 2008

Devlin in Wonderland

Parishes in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh have received a very strange letter from former Bishop Robert Duncan’s chancellor, Robert G. Devlin. Lionel Deimel advises them to ignore it.

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Real San Joaquin stands up

The annual diocesan convention includes election of Standing Committee and Executive Council members, approval of the budget and resolutions. Among the eleven resolutions submitted in advance of convention are a resolution on conduct of clergy and a resolution calling for the creation of an equality commission. The business portion of convention is scheduled for October 25.

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Convert or flee

Christians in eastern Indian state of Orissa are being told “Embrace Hinduism, and your house will not be demolished, otherwise, you will be killed, or

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AP report: Palin blurs church-state lines

What she didn’t tell worshippers gathered at the Wasilla Assembly of God church in her hometown was that her appearance that day came courtesy of Alaskan taxpayers, who picked up the $639.50 tab for her airplane tickets and per diem fees.

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Breaking the taboo

One of the best ways people can be the church together in a money-dominated age is to break the taboo against discussing money and money worries. If we are concerned with having enough money to care for others or ourselves, or with meeting payments, let’s confess those concerns to our brothers and sisters in a supportive setting. A burden confessed is a burden shared.

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Counting treasures

“Economic” thinking ignores our environment, and is clumsy in computing intangibles such as social order, feelings, religious values, and beauty. It disorients and dislocates culture, hypothesizing an economic man—a consumer and producer—who is unrecognizable to those of us who encounter the daily irrationality that makes up human behavior. Reprinted with permission of Anglican Theological Review.

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Calling our name

I am lying on my back. Maybe I am in a crib or a baby carriage, but I am not on someone’s lap. I am alone but I am not lonely. My eyes are following the yellow-green sparkles of light through a hazy screen. My arms are free and my hands reach to touch what my eyes can see and my heart can feel. I feel breath in me and in the trees and gently whirling between us.

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