Day: October 20, 2008

Please support Episcopal Café

Even a contribution of $25 from each of our regular visitors would allow us to undertake a redesign and make technical improvements that currently we can only dream of. Please consider supporting us with a donation to the Diocese of Washington’s Bishop’s Appeal. Simply type the word Café in the Dedication box.

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Scripture as a living force

The word healing comes from a word meaning “entire” or “complete,” and signifies a restoration to wholeness. For that reason it is a more “holistic” word than therapy. While many people are helped by psychotherapy, I suspect that there are also many like me who have benefited from occasional counseling but have received more help from spiritual practices such as prayer and lectio divina, or holy reading.

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The Possibility of Conversion

Recently, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that we must stay in communion with those with whom we disagree in order to leave open the possibility of conversion. Not too long ago, I might have heard that as spiritual pabulum—a polite plea to prevent schism. But my own conversion, a political one, began nearly a year ago, and today I hear the Presiding Bishop’s words with familiar fear and trembling.

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