Day: October 24, 2008

Friday Rap

Wondered about the Lutherans? Wondered who Martin Luther was? A simple rap video can help you out. Click the link to watch the 95 Theses rap.

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The rest of the English ‘gay wedding’ story

Back this summer The Rev. Dr. Martin Dudley became somewhat of a celebrity after it was reported that he had officiated at a formal liturgy in the Diocese of London blessing the partnership of two men. In the resulting furor an investigation was promised. Those findings have now been released and a letter of regret has been written.

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Running out of “passionate patience”

Bennett grew up in the Episcopal church. She sang in the choir. She was married in one and baptized her five children there. Her mother’s ashes are buried under a tree outside an Episcopal church in Massachusetts. But being openly gay now in the Colorado diocese, she says, is like being given “half-a-loaf acceptance.” Gays are offered some sacraments but not others.

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Sudanese keeping close tabs on US campaign

Sudanese are following the election at least as closely as Americans. They are inveterate listeners to the radio, and follow everything that is happening, dissecting it as though they were participating themselves. Southern Sudanese are quite supportive of President Bush, because of his administration’s role in helping to get the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed, ending 21-plus years of civil war.

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Seeing the back

When the Lord who spoke to Moses came to fulfill his own law, he likewise gave a clear explanation to his disciples, laying bare the meaning of what had previously been said in a figure when he said, If anyone wants to be a follower of mine and not “If any man will go before me.” And to the one asking about eternal life he proposes the same thing, for he says Come, follow me. Now, he who follows sees the back.

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