Day: October 27, 2008

One-sided Will rebuffed by readers

George Will spoke to Bishop Bob Duncan and declared in his syndicated column that he is a kind of modern day Martin Luther. Episcopalians from around the country wrote letters to their editors saying “not so fast.”

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What does God want? I mean really – what’s God looking for in people? What’s he want from us? The Bible says – the prophets

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Praying to love

I am so weary, Father, of using myself

as the measure of everything and everybody.

Just for this one day, I beg you,

help me to find release from the old pattern

of seeing the different-from-me

as either less-than or more-than me.

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The finest “instrument” of Anglican communion

I propose that the most real and most effective “instrument” of our Anglican Communion is the set of actual personal relationships that exist among parishes and dioceses across national and cultural boundaries. These relationships … are what have inspired Anglicans to deeper faith and service to God. These are personal relationships of witness, service, and prayer; and they have been the efficacious symbols of communion in its highest degree.

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