Day: October 29, 2008

Bishop of Quincy announces sudden retirement

The Rt. Rev. Keith Ackerman, Bishop of Quincy has announced his retirement to take effect November 1, 2008. That’s just three day notice. His diocese will vote on whether to leave the Episcopal Church on Saturday. A press release that leaves major questions unanswered follows.

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Zimbabwean bishop wins human rights prize

An Anglican bishop from Zimbabwe has been named winner of a Swedish human rights prize for “having given voice to the fight against oppression.” Bishop Sebastian Bakare was also cited for his work to promote “freedom of speech and of opinion in a difficult political situation.”

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Rowan Williams busts a move

PASSERS-BY looked on in amazement as the Archbishop of Canterbury led hundreds of worshippers in song and dance in the streets of Plaistow. Dr Rowan Williams was joined by up to 300 people at a service at St Philip and St James Church to celebrate the centenary of The House of The Divine Compassion.

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Bishop of Lewes: “God ultimately has allowed this crisis for good”

But Eamonn Butler, director at the Adam Smith Institute, said many people who were not materialistic had lost their entire savings. “We should remember that it is people’s homes, savings and pensions that are under threat. Many people, who have not worshipped money or materialism, have seen their savings disappear and their lives made poorer.”

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Mission today

But now, I think that almost all missionaries come as people who want to be servants. Now the exchange of missionaries tends to affirm the good that is in each culture and also allow Christ to judge every culture, as Christ does.

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Lessons for Christians in the history of the Bahai faith

I also suggest that Christians should express the truth as they find it even when it conflicts with doctrines or interpretations of the Bible. If there is some compelling finding about, say, the Jesus of history as an endtime Jewish rabbi, then this should come first, or at least people should be honest about the layer-cake nature of doctrines or how people interpret the Bible.

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