Day: November 2, 2008

A faith and politics 2008 election round-up

When she was director of religious outreach for John Kerry’s Democratic presidential campaign four years ago, Mara Vanderslice could hardly have seemed lower on the campaign totem pole.

“It could not have changed more in only four years,” Vanderslice said. “The Obama campaign has six staff people (on religious matters). Josh DuBois (Obama’s head of religious outreach) is actively speaking to the press. They’re doing ‘Faith and Family’ tours.”

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Why children like to share

Researchers are increasingly coming to understand that people are also “programmed” to care about others. A recent contribution to this theme comes from neuroscientist Ernst Fehr at the University of Zurich and colleagues.

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Godless in North Carolina: Bearing False Witness

appears that Sen. Liddy Dole (R-NC) has lost either her marbles or control of her campaign. Dole has unleashed a ridiculously bombastic ad that tries to slime her opponent, Kay Hagan as “Godless.” Hagan has put in time as both a Sunday school teacher and church elder in a Greensboro Presbyterian church her family has attended for more than a century.

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Andrew Brown: why I am not a Christian

I suppose I end up saying that I accept the Christian account of the problem; I just can’t accept Christianity’s account of the solution, and so I remain, by the grace of God perhaps, an atheist.

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Holding the world together

The subway car tears through the darkness of the tunnel and blasts into the light of the stations for a rapid few seconds, only to tear into the darkness again; light and dark, light and dark, the clap-and-screech rhythm of the subway. A group of Hispanic women all talking at once sit directly across from me, while a tall Hasidic Jew stands in the aisle. On my right sits an Indian woman in western dress.

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