Day: November 12, 2008

Catholic bishops on abortion rights

“Pro-abortion policies, legislation and executive orders will permanently alienate tens of millions of Americans, and would be seen by many as an attack on the free exercise of their religion,” said the bishops in a statement approved Wednesday.

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Affluent voters one key to Obama’s win

These professionals come out of the era of the growth of global corporations believing more than ever before in government intervention, teamwork and collective action. These higher educated voters generally believe more in science than religion, in the interconnectedness of the world, and in pragmatism over ideology.

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Obama’s 2004 faith interview

I retain from my childhood and my experiences growing up a suspicion of dogma. And I’m not somebody who is always comfortable with language that implies I’ve got a monopoly on the truth, or that my faith is automatically transferable to others.

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Brawling monks a metaphor

For many of us do spend a great deal of our time and energy, at work and at home, defending some pathetic little patch of turf which, in the great scheme of things, means precious little. If we’re not careful we can easily find that we’ve invested our lives in battling for some shrinking space that is, ultimately, as inconsequential as the place of a monk in a procession.

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No fear served here

“How do you think I feel every time I walk down your Main Street to meet you for lunch? The looks I get as a Latino man walking down the street of your fancy town. People on the sidewalk look at me, like, ‘What are YOU doing here? What are YOU going to steal?” Man, I’m afraid of going to your neighborhood. Now you know how it feels. Don’t you know that your town is scary?”

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Living to preach

Simeon lived to preach. This was unusual at a time when most sermons were dry, learned discourses, memorized word-for-word or read from a manuscript. Many preachers used sermons written by other people, taken from books.

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