Day: November 18, 2008

Church of England can’t sign Anglican Covenant

“It is… unlawful for the General Synod to delegate its decision making powers to the primates, and that this therefore means that it could not sign up to a Covenant which purported to give the primates of the Communion the ability to give ‘direction’ about the course of action that the Church of England should take.’ The same would be true in relation to delegation to any other body of the Anglican Communion.

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Bishop Tutu chides church for gay stance

Asked if he was ashamed of the church’s handling of the debate over the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson, Tutu said, “If we are going to not welcome or invite people because of sexual orientation, yes. “If God, as they say, is homophobic, I wouldn’t worship that God.”

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Music helps your heart

We had previously demonstrated that positive emotions, such as laughter, were good for vascular health. So, a logical question was whether other emotions, such as those evoked by music, have a similar effect.

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Wisdom and Hilda of Whitby

By Greg Jones The concept of God’s wisdom in late Jewish and early Christian Scripture is one with feminine overtones: the female name Sophia actually

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Mingling of traditions

Why some of the Irish and also some of the English differed from the new Roman missionaries about [the date of Easter] was not a matter of alternative symbolism or theology or biblical study, but of calendric calculation.

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Bishops Iker and Wantland change their minds

Two of the leaders of the breakaway movement in the Episcopal Church once asserted in a lawsuit that the Dennis Canon – which holds that parish property is held in trust for The Episcopal Church- should be regarded as having the force of law in secular courts. Now they are arguing the opposite as they try to take Episcopal Church property to the Province of the Southern Cone.

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