Day: November 24, 2008

Goth eucharist in Nanticoke

Updated. A small church in northeast Pennsylvania is having a Goth Eucharist modeled on one that was begun by the Church of St. Edward King and Martyr in Cambridge.

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A reminder about the Communion

If the former-Anglican and semi-Anglican followers of Bishop Duncan succeed in forming their own unified North American denomination, will it become a so-called 39th Province? Fr. Tobias Haller thinks not. Here’s why:

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Seeing what we say

For people who believe that they are created in the image of God and follow the Logos, we can be very naive about our communications. Lynne Baab says that for our communications–both among ourselves and to those outside our churches–to be effective, we have to look at the whole picture and then, from time to time, evaluate what that picture is really saying.

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Trust is essential for mission

Bishop Pierre Whalon writes in response to the notion that an Episcopal diocese is free to disassociate from the Episcopal Church at will and reminds us about the process for disciplining bishops who attempt to take their dioceses out of this church.

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ERD blog

Episcopal Relief and Development has launched a new blog kept by ERD president Rob Radtke.

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Ascetical Theology 101

Ascetical theology isn’t fundamentally about thinking and while deeds are involved it’s not fundamentally about specific acts either—it’s about our habits: how we think, how we feel, and ultimately how we behave towards all of the players in the relationship—God and our neighbors, which includes the whole of creation.

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All shall be well

Julian lived in a time of great upheaval. The Black Death swept through Europe several times, killing millions and almost certainly touching Julian’s family and neighbors. The Catholic Church was in schism, and the theology of the day was that God was angry with a world of sinners and inflicted these ills as punishment.

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