Day: December 9, 2008

President Bush and his relationship with God

ABC’s Nightline interviewed President George W. Bush Monday evening. Among other comments, the president … said that he prays to the same God as those with different religious beliefs. “I do believe there is an almighty that is broad and big enough and loving enough that can encompass a lot of people.”

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Episcopal Church responds to piracy

Seaman’s Church Institute, a New York City-based ecumenical mariners’ agency affiliated with the Episcopal Church, has worked on issues of piracy for over two decades — recording cases, providing assistance to victims of these cases, and advocating to international organizations for tough standards to reduce instances of hijacking.

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Food banks empty

The volume of clients at the Food Bank – often a resource for transients but, increasingly used by community members,… prompted the church and volunteers to spearhead a considerable food drive ahead of the holiday season and the beginning of winter

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Bishop Chane responds to proposed “new province”

I write this to you because our clergy and congregations need to know the current status of

the irregularly proposed new province within our church. I also need to share with you my

disappointment in the behavior of men who were once bishops in the Episcopal Church.

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Child bishop to take over diocese

In the Middle Ages in England there was this great tradition that on the feast of St Nicholas, in all cathedrals and lots of the parish churches, a child, the smallest chorister of the choir, became the bishop. They threw out the bishop and all the canons and the kids took over.

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Further thoughts on the proposed Anglican province

Let me be clear. Those leaving the Episcopal Church are equally wrong to pursue property issues in the courts. Indeed, departing dissidents should honor the branch of Christendom that heretofore has nurtured them in the faith and depart by respecting a polity that assigns moral (and arguably legal) ownership of property and other assets to the national church through its dioceses.

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