Day: December 11, 2008

NAE official resigns over remarks

Richard Cizik, the Vice-President for Governmental Affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals, has been forced to resign as a result of his comments that he is “shifting” his views on same-sex marriage.

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The vicar returns

The blogger formerly known as the Salty Vicar and Padre Mambo has returned to the fray and now lives at The Divine Latitude whence comes this essay on what Barack Obama’s victory can teach the mainline churches.

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Pittsburgh gets back on its feet

The Honest to God Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh will be reorganizing itself at a special convention this weekend. Read the diocesan news release and Mark Harris’ thoughts.

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Credit where it is due

From the beginning of his administration, President Bush has pushed for more aid to Africa. Motivated perhaps by his deeply felt Christian faith (relieving poverty in Africa has become a major charitable push among evangelicals), the president has pressed for greater aid to Africa across the board.

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Diana Butler Bass nails it

“Right after the vote, everyone who disagreed with Robinson’s election was all over the media, protesting, holding press conferences. Those who agreed kept saying ‘no comment, no comment.’ The church, as a whole, had no story to tell. Interest groups and individuals had stories. Those who were mad at the church had a story. But the church had no story.”

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Getting behind the Bokamoso Youth program

If you haven’t visited our Online Advent Calendar yet, let Roy Barber, a music and drama teacher at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland introduce you to the calendar and to the program in the first video on The Lead today. And if you haven’t had a chance to meet the youth of Bokamoso, click on the second video and listen to Mapitso Kinamela tell her story.

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Be a dwelling for God

Lots of people these days are seeking recollection, writing books about it, urging us to do it. It seems like a nice idea all right—until you try it. What a lot of the books don’t tell you about is the terror. To know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge may mean not knowing much of anything else.

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Advent anticipation

I love Advent. It’s our great season of eschatology, the season when we contemplate and await the in-breaking of divine power into our little worlds in a way that prefigures the great consummation in which we are fully joined into God’s reality.

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