Day: January 5, 2009

Bishop Jefferts Schori’s statement on Gaza fighting

We are deeply saddened by the first-hand reports we are receiving from Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza about the casualties they are treating under the most horrific circumstances. Not only do they lack basic medical supplies, but with windows blown out they are even struggling to keep patients warm.

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Converting the baptized

In many cases early emotional or physical abuse leaves a kind of coating on our hearts, a potent kind of ‘sun block’ that filters out the radiation of God’s tenderness. That’s why it is important to speak about conversion in the Church–the conversion of those who have thought along Christian lines for years and have worked hard for God—but have not yet experienced the transformation of their inner alienation into actual openness to God’s tenderness and love.

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Israel cannot bomb its way to peace

As the war rages in Gaza, it is hard to find pieces that are neither cheerlead nor stir up hatred toward one side or the other. Here are some perspectives we’ve seen that shed light on the Israeli attack on Gaza.

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Light of all the world

You know how sometimes on a pitch black night in the country, you see far off one glimmer of light and you follow it and it turns out to be just a candle in a cottage window—but it was enough to assure you of life ahead, to give you the lead you wanted in the dark.

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