Day: January 12, 2009

Sex and the seminaries

A group called The Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing issued a report along with the Union Theological Seminary of New York calling on North American Theological Seminaries to offer more courses and programs to help prepare ministers, rabbis, priests, and other religious professionals to address issues of sexuality better than they now do.

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Iker under misapprehension

Jack Iker, former bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, has written a letter to Presiding Bishop asking her not to attend the Special

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A new appointment

Mary E. Kostel, chancellor of the Diocese of Washington, has been named the Episcopal Church’s Special Counsel to the Presiding Bishop for Property Litigation and

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Christmas blues, Epiphany light

I don’t know about you, but there’s an idealist in me somewhere that expected the world to be permanently altered after Christmas – filled with light from the little town of Bethlehem and harbingers of peace and transformation for the new year. Instead, the Gaza strip and portions of Israel are under bombardment, and hundreds of people are losing their lives.

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The abbot of Rievaulx

Bouts of acute pain from arthritis and the stone had compelled Aelred reluctantly to submit to mitigations in his daily regime from about 1157 onwards, and to find a way of being as little trouble as possible to everyone else on these occasions.

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