Day: January 23, 2009

Virginia coadjutor considers gay ordination

…last fall [Johnston] accepted the recommendation given to [him to] grant the status of postulancy for Holy Orders to a person who is in a committed same-sex relationship but he has decided not to move forward until the Diocesan listening process is completed.

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A call for civility

On the eve of the Inauguration which seemed to make “inclusiveness” its by-word, two religious leaders, a conservative Evangelical and a liberal Jew launched the

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Bishop Lee sets departure date

From the Diocese of Virginia: The Rt. Rev. Peter James Lee announced today that on October 1, 2009, he will step down as bishop of the Diocese of Virginia, leaving the Diocese in the capable hands of his successor the Rt. Rev. Shannon S. Johnston.

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Gag rule to be rescinded?

UPDATE: ABC News reports that President Obama signed an executive order today reversing the ban that prohibits funding to international family planning groups that provide

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Beautiful variety

Here lies the sublime and beautiful variety of human life. It is as beings come to their reality that they assert their individuality. . . . The intense variety of Light! The awful monotony of Darkness! Men are various; Christians ought to be various a thousand-fold. Strive for your best, that there you may find your most distinctive life.

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“Traditional” vs. “Contemporary”?

For the healthy future of our church we’ve got to stop thinking and talking as if ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’ were opposites. This hackneyed dichotomy reduces us to a lose/lose battle between caricatured factions – do we want to be a backward-looking ‘traditional’ church bound by nostalgic practices of the last two hundred years or a ‘trendy,’ ‘relevant’ church whoring in uncritical embrace of ‘contemporary’ culture.

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