Day: January 27, 2009

Rosenthal, Martin awarded Cross of St. Augustine

The Rev. Canon James M. Rosenthal and Deirdre Martin were each awarded the Cross of St. Augustine at a January 26 reception hosted by Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in honor of their combined 51 years of service to the Anglican Communion.

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The end of war, culture war, that is

When it comes to culture, Obama doesn’t have a public agenda; he has a public anti-agenda. He wants to remove culture from the political debate. He seems to think there are large numbers of conservative white Protestants and Catholics who will look beyond culture when they enter the voting booth as long as he and other Democrats don’t ram cultural liberalism down their throats.

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Ohio bishops support domestic-partner registry

While we affirm the right of any person in our democratic society to oppose the establishment of this registry, we are dismayed that clergy and others would use the Bible as their weapon of assault. We are especially concerned that they would lift verses out of context much the same way that some Christians in a previous era selected verses to bolster their views in support of slavery, segregation, and the oppression of women.

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John Updike dead at 76

An old-fashioned believer in hard work, he published more than 50 books in a career that started in the 1950s. Updike won virtually every literary prize, including two Pulitzers, for “Rabbit Is Rich” and “Rabbit at Rest,” and two National Book Awards.

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“Mississippi Queen”

She came out during her senior year of high school. Paige Williams acknowledged she was gay, and her devoutly religious parents were devastated. She later created a documentary called Mississippi Queen that tells her coming out story and her parents’ transformation. Her parents, in turn, sought solace through an organization called Exodus International.

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Ask the Senate to re-authorize SCHIP

During this time of economic crisis, in which American families are plagued by rising unemployment and increasing health care costs, the Senate must now act quickly to reauthorize the program to increase both the number of children served by SCHIP, improve the quality of health coverage they receive, and provide long-term, dedicated funding to this critical program.

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On Christian initiation

The Baptismal Instructions of John Chrysostom, among others, focus our attention on what a Christian initiation into the Church consisted of at one time. Let us briefly summarize the spiritual themes that recur most frequently.

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Adult formation: kernel and kerygma

The liberals were seeking the kernel of Christianity, that simple essence that could be realised by stripping away the clutter of the religion. Bonhoeffer, however, in his dealings with the busy, secular, practical world believed that there was a gospel encounter happening in and amongst the secular world – a kerygma.

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