Day: February 13, 2009

Episcopal Church joins Pittsburgh lawsuit

The Episcopal Church has asked to made party to the lawsuit between Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh and the part of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh that has followed Bishop Duncan in the Anglican Church of North America.

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Church of England called to convert non-Christians in England.

The Church of England Synod voted on Wednesday to urge its members to reach out to their non-Christian neighbors in an effort to share the gospel of salvation offered uniquely in Christ Jesus. The vote represents a break from the previous stance of focusing on what was common and shared between people of different faiths in the community.

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Pray for Zimbabwe

The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion Canon Kenneth Kearon writes: ‘I want to bring to your attention the request of the Primates and Moderators

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Say goodbye to Christian kitsch

This explosion of religious tschochkes says a lot about the kind of faith that’s spread across this country in recent years. God’s turned into a mascot for the home team to cling to, a promiser of goodies to those who hold up John 3:16 signs at ballgames. It’s as though faith itself has become a consumer item, swallowed whole and more soothing than a tryptophan-loaded bedtime snack.

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Ye Ministers, that are call’d to preaching,

Teachers, and exhorters too;

Awake! behold your harvest wasting!

Arise! there is no rest for you.

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