Day: February 16, 2009

Thomas Jefferson and miracles

To this day, there are those who stand aghast at Jefferson’s chutzpah, and that raises a fair question: Does faith exist without miracles? Are there miracles at all, and if not, just how do we explain those events that inevitably become defined as such?

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Chaplains create sustainable Christian house

While in the house, residents will engage in several environmental and religious activities, including growing and harvesting their own individual plots of land, buying produce from local farmers markets, participating in group prayer sessions and committing to community service project

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100,000 gathered in Brazil to save the world

It wasn’t on CNN, but last month hundreds of theologians, activists, and indigenous people came together in Brazil to envision a new world; the gathering stressed diversity and sustainability, migration, and climate change.

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The real world of Slumdog Millionaire

With the new film Slumdog Millionaire currently grabbing headlines and awards, there is growing awareness of these slums of India. Rev Canon Pat Atkinson’s dedication to helping some of the very poorest people in the world has led to her being called Norfolk’s Mother Teresa.

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Becoming church in a new era

How do congregations make the shift from nostalgia to a new story like neighborhood? What kind of leadership is needed–by pastors and lay leaders–to move beyond the stuck places of “we’ve always done it this way” to a new way of listening for “where are we being led?”

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The agonizing issue of reparations

Should black families whose ancestors suffered horribly be given land or money, grave markers and plaques or at least a public acknowledgment and apology at the cost of the descendants of the white families who abused them? What about removing statutes of limitations from legal cases filing claims to lost land?

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All things are clean

And why did Jesus touch the leper, since the law forbade the touching of a leper? He touched him to show that “all things are clean to the clean.” Because the filth that is in one person does not adhere to others, nor does external uncleanness defile the clean of heart.

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