Day: February 24, 2009

Gay bloggers increase political influence

On the Internet, no group — however controversial or on the fringe — is invisible. Everyone is but a Google search away. And the sheer diversity of blogs written by gays, lesbians and transgenders proves that, like all minority groups, the gay community is not monolithic.

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Out of the ashes, ministry

As a fast moving fire ravaged the neighborhood, Grace Episcopal Church, Allentown, jumped in to help the displaced families by offering shelter and assistance. The

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Presiding Bishop on different understandings

The primates’ meeting has come and gone, and I’m sure there will have been abundant commentary by the time this is published. I’d like to reflect on some of the deeper issues behind our conversations about sexuality, particularly the influence of our understanding of gender.

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Ash Wednesday prayers for Zimbabwe

The Primates and Moderators of the Anglican Communion, at their recent meeting in Alexandria, Egypt, called Anglican Churches world-wide to observe 25th February, Ash Wednesday, as a day of prayer and solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe. UPDATED

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If Jesus had Twitter, what would Jesus tweet? The Church of England’s Love Life Love Lent outreach via social networking sites Twitter and Facebook may have the answer.

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Ashes and wine

Out of these ashes, these signs of our mortal nature, comes something else. Once we recognize our own responsibility for wrongdoing, once we acknowledge our mortal and dusty nature, the ashes also become a sign of fertility. If we are truly repentant, and truly cleansed, and open to the reality of God around us, then we are also fertile, ready to give growth to greatness.

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