Day: February 25, 2009

Cyberpilgrimage for Lent

Christian Aid is taking people on a virtual pilgrimage through the Holy Land. From the blog During Lent 2009, in the run up to Easter,

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The video vignettes, 30 – 60 seconds each, reflect that “big, colorful vibrant” church by focusing on the joys, gifts, and the challenges facing The Episcopal Church. As noted on the web site, “Our controversies and conversations have been public. Our governance is transparent. You are free to see our imperfections, as well as share our joy in that which unites us – our openness, honesty, and faith.”

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The Daily Office: The perfect Lenten observance

We’re right on the cusp of Lent here—and I’d like to offer a suggestion. If you’re looking for a discipline to help you take Lent seriously this year, I’d like to recommend the Daily Office—or at least a portion thereof. Let me give you a quick orientation to what we’ve got here.

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