Day: February 27, 2009

Lenten series from the SSJE

The Society of St. John the Evangelist, based in Cambridge MA, are sharing their Lenten program not only with those able to visit the Monastery

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Latino churches organize

Pastors of Latino congregations are talking about how they can most effectively advocate for comprehensive immigration reform now that a new administration is in power in Washington.

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Church lobbyists represent diverse views

It’s pretty commonly known that voices from the Religious Right have a strong lobbying presence in Washington DC and in many state capitals. But there’s a small, growing group of voices from the Mainline denominations and the liberal churches too.

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Church shopping is nothing new

The Obama’s search for a new church home for their family has opened up a conversation in some quarters about the American phenomenon of “church shopping”. Every pastor and priest says they deplore it, but most of them do what they feel they need to do in response to it. It’s been a part of the American religious experience for generations.

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Lincoln’s faith

We can attribute this to three components of Lincoln’s character that came into high relief during the blood and fire of the Civil War. First: his wit. Second: his patience. Third: his flexibility. Within the boundaries of his core principles, Lincoln had no trouble ceding points he regarded as secondary – and he regarded a very broad range of issues as “secondary”. He allowed no “litmus tests” to find their way into his small repertory of primary concerns and principles.

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God’s house

What doth this noise of thoughts within my heart

As if they had a part?

What do these loud complaints and pulling fears,

As if there were no rule or ears?

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