Day: March 30, 2009

EDS appoints new president and dean

The Rev. Dr. Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, president and executive director of Political Research Associates and vicar of St. David’s Episcopal Church has been named the new president and dean of Episcopal Divinity School.

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Monks, in a nutshell

Sometimes it is useful to think of a “monastic” as someone who is leading a “consecrated life” – a life consecrated to the service of God in whatever way God designs for them. This might mean a life of seclusion and solitude, or it may mean a life of social engagement, or it may mean a life of radical prayer (radical as in radix).

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Inexhaustible Love

I have just been reading over your letter, and am more vexed than I can say, though not half so vexed as I ought to be, with myself, for not having answered it. I cannot say that engagements have hindered me. I might and ought to have written; neither am I quite so bad as to have forgotten you. It was the old bad habit.

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