Day: April 1, 2009

Friday Night Lights remain lit

“Friday Night Lights” fans were handed the equivalent of a Super Bowl victory on Monday as NBC and DirecTV confirmed that the ensembler has been renewed for two seasons.

The new pact covers the show’s fourth and fifth seasons, which will consist of 13 segs apiece.

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Holmes Redding deposed

Reached by phone as she was stepping into a language academy in Seattle where she has begun studying Arabic, Redding said she had spent part of Tuesday mourning her impending expulsion. “There is an acknowledged sadness, because if it were not for the limited vision of one particular bishop I still might have been able to function as a priest.”

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Who says we haven’t done the theology?

“Hence persons who raise questions about biblical prohibitions of certain species of sexual behavior between individuals of the same gender may be “revisionists”; but they are no more so than many of the prophets—or Jesus, or Paul, or certain of the saints of later times (Athanasius, e.g., or MartinLuther, or the Wesleys, or Wilberforce, or F. D. Maurice, or Martin Luther King, Jr.).”

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A bishop’s case against Bishop-elect Thew Forrester

Bishop Tom Breidenthal of Southern Ohio writes: I am writing to inform you of my decision not to consent to the consecration of Kevin Thew Forrester as Bishop of Northern Michigan. I did not want to make a public statement before I shared my concerns with the Standing Committee. I was able to do this at their meeting last Friday, March 27.

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Love deeper than betrayal

Passion Week may tell us, indeed, that the mere sight of the Lamb of God, in His outward form, could not soften the hearts of Jewish priests or Roman soldiers. It may tell us, that the hearts of those, who saw Him hanging on the cross, were hardened by that spectacle, so that they cried, “He saved others, Himself He cannot save.”

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Sacred space v. Holy people

Laud and the King agreed that the Anglican practice of gathering the congregation at an altar table for confession, Eucharistic prayer and communion cheapened the Eucharist. Laud was convinced that a set-apart, clergy-only area declared the holiness of the sacrament, so convinced that he punished his most outspoken critics by having their ears cut off and a brand burned into their faces.

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