Day: April 8, 2009

USA 1, Café 0

Today, President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate Charles A. Blanchard to the post of General Counsel, Department of the Air Force, Department of Defense.

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Latest draft covenant available

The Joint Standing Committee recommendations may address the extent to which the decision of any covenanting Church to continue with an action or decision which has been found to be “incompatible with the Covenant” impairs or limits the communion between that Church and the other Churches of the Communion. It may recommend whether such action or decision should have a consequence for participation in the life of the Communion and its Instruments. – Ridley Cambridge Draft

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Bishop Kimsey responds to Bishop Breidenthal

The Lead earlier this month published the letter from Bishop Breidenthal (Southern Ohio) to his diocese regarding his decision not to consent to the consecration of Kevin Thew Forrester as Bishop of Northern Michigan. The Rt. Rev. Rustin R. Kimsey (Assisting Bishop for the Diocese of Alaska, The Fifth Bishop of Eastern Oregon, Retired, Assisting Bishop for the Episcopal Church in Navajoland, Retired) has written an open letter to Breidenthal suggesting he withdraw his opposition

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The Good Earth Hunger Mission

I believe that this community… will combine Franciscan and Benedictine charisms, as well as the central insight of the new monasticism: “inhabiting the abandoned spaces of empire.” Appalachian communities find it hard to forget how American prosperity comes at great price to the land and people of our region. Rather than focus on these deficits, we choose to focus on assets like family, faith, community, a rich artistic heritage, and the land.

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Wednesday in Holy Week

Wretch that I am,

I have fallen into the hands of robbers—

my own thoughts.

My mind has been stripped,

and I have been severely beaten.

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