Day: April 10, 2009

The Way of the Cross


We invite you to enter into meditation on the Way of the Cross. Episcopal Café “Speaking to the Soul” offers four versions of the Stations of the Cross at Multimedia Meditations.

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Prayers for Oklahoma and Texas

Many in Oklahoma and Texas are watching and waiting this Good Friday as fires sweep through their communities. Worshippers gather in safe places wondering if their homes and churches will be standing on Easter. Episcopal Cafe´ joins their prayers for safety in the midst of disaster.

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Good Friday

All creation was transformed by fear

when it saw you, O Christ,

hanging on the cross.

The sun grew dark

and the foundations of the earth shook.

All things suffered

with you who created all.

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Gran Torino and Good Friday

The character Walt Kowalski is an old veteran of the Korean War. He saw things he shouldn’t have had to see in that war, and he did things he should not have had to do; but he also learned to be very good at what he had to do. He shot people. He killed people, for the greater good.

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