Day: April 30, 2009

Thinking theologically about a pandemic

Bishop Linda Nicholls of the Church of Canada on a potential pandemic flu: The whole of society will be affected, including the Church, and it behooves us to reflect both pragmatically and theologically on how we will respond. Although the pragmatic response is often the easiest and quickest to deal with, it is especially important to reflect on the theological roots for our response.

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Obama closes the religion gap

Whereas 41 percent of weekly worship attenders and 61 percent of seldom or never attenders supported him just before the election, now the numbers are 57 percent and 69 percent. Thus the gap between the two groups has narrowed from 20 points to 12 points. What explains the differential?

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Modernize or die?

Most who left both the Catholic Church and Protestant denominations and remain unaffiliated did so because they no longer agreed with the conservative teachings from the church on issues like abortion, homosexuality, the Bible and social justice issues like poverty, war and the death penalty.

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Married priests or eucharistic famine

America, a Jesuit magazine, argues that the Catholic Church must consider allowing priests to marry: “Silence and fervent prayer for vocations are no longer adequate responses to the priest shortage in the United States.”

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Touch me and see

The Gnostics and similar heretics denied the goodness of creation. They denied that the Creator of the universe is the same good God as the Father of Jesus. And lastly, they denied that Jesus came and suffered in the flesh. I would submit to you that there is nothing particularly progressive or liberating in these theories.

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On the road

As global citizens in the twenty-first century, we’re beginning to realize that none of us lives in a permanent and unchanging home, and that the way we treat our quarters—our oikos—has a big impact on all the other residents of this squatter’s camp.

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