Day: May 5, 2009

Covenant adoption process still evolving

The confusion of the last couple of days of how the proposed Anglican Covenant might be adopted is a direct consequence of the evolving situation in the ACC and the shared understanding of the Covenant in Jamaica right now.

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Clergy support legislation banning hate crimes

More than 300 clergy from a variety of faith and denominations fanned out over Capitol Hill to preach a unified gay-rights message to members of Congress: Pass the hate crimes bill that would give sexual orientation and gender identity the same federal protection as race, and pass the employment non-discrimination bill that would protect gays

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Bait and switch

In yesterday’s Episcopal News Service story, Bishop Gregory Cameron, one of the architects of the proposed Anglican Covenant, made a few remarks that ought to raise concerns about whether the proposed Anglican Covenant is a classic bait and switch scheme.

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Facebook, Scotch and Video Games:
Balm for the pastor’s soul

While drinking cocktails at a retreat for new priests a few years ago my colleagues and I started talking about the things we do in our offices that we don’t want parishioners to see. One fellow admitted to spending an inordinate amount of time on Facebook. My vice, I admitted, was video games, specifically ultra-violent first person shooters like “Counter-Strike.”

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Door and shepherd

[Jesus] he rightly calls the Scriptures “a door,” for they bring us to God and open to us the knowledge of God. They make us his sheep. They guard us and do not let the wolves come in after us. For Scripture, like some sure door, bars the passage against the heretics, placing us in a state of safety as to all that we desire and not allowing us to wander. And, if we do not undo Scripture, we shall not easily be conquered by our enemies.

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