Day: May 11, 2009

Ending aid to Africa will not help

Archbishop Ndungane has written an essay in response to voices claiming that financial aid to Africa needs to end before African nations can turn themselves around. He identifies how financial globalization combined with local issues are making the situation in Africa worse and influx of money used in ways not sensitive to the African contexts are combined to create the present situation.

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News from the next to last day of ACC meeting

The reports of the final day of the Anglican Consultative Council’s meeting are starting to appear online. The surprise news of the day was the election of Ian Douglas of the Episcopal Church to the Joint Standing Committee.

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Anglican Church of Canada delays changing marriage canons

The Council of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada was not able to come to agreement on the whether or not blessing “same-sex unions” is something proper for a Church to do. Because of this lack of agreement, there will be no request to change the Canadian marriage canons to include rites of blessing for same gender couples.

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Reaction to having picture taken raises questions

Colin Coward of Changing Attitudes relates an incident that took place this morning as the ACC was resuming its work. He saw a Nigerian bishop delegate meeting with some credentialed press members outside the meeting and took a picture. But the bishop’s reaction was one of fury according to Coward.

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ACI calls for a do-over

The Anglican Communion Institute, sharing the same frustration as many who have been supportive of the Ridley Draft of the Covenant, is calling the ACC to return to the matter it discussed on Friday.

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America’s Conscience?

The unaddressed question is why white mainline Protestants do not support torture. Indeed, approximately twice as many mainline Protestants (31%) believe that torture is never justified and an additional 22% think it is almost always wrong. Their attitude toward torture is nearly opposite of evangelical Protestant opinion.

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The Rev. Pookie

It was a bit like the movie “Father of the Bride,” when Steve Martin’s daughter announced that she was getting married. Rather than seeing the lovely, mature woman in front of him, the Daddy in him sees his little girl, in pigtails, saying a ridiculous thing-“I’m getting married.” Our little Pookie getting ordained? How can it be?

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Fruitful tree, abundant vine

There is a place, we believe, at the center of the world,

Called Golgotha by the Jews in their native tongue.

Here was planted a tree cut from a barren stump:

This tree, I remember hearing produced wholesome fruits,

But it did not bear these fruits for those who had settled there;

It was foreigners who picked these lovely fruits.

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