Day: May 21, 2009

Poor kids hurt worst by economic downturn

A report on the impact of the current recession on the overall health, well-being and quality of life of America’s children finds that the downturn will virtually undo all progress made in children’s economic well-being since 1975. The impact will be especially severe for low-income children of color.

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Gallup updates “moral acceptability index”

Americans’ views about what is and isn’t morally acceptable in today’s culture have not changed dramatically over the past year. To the extent they have changed, they have moved slightly to the right on a handful of issues, almost entirely because of more pronounced conservative shifts among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

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Unravelling a sordid history

Between the years 1964-1968, when he attended St. Stephen’s, a faculty member came into his dorm room about once a month, after lights-out, and molested him. Haslanger told Woodruff that he told the school’s headmaster about that person, and the headmaster called him a liar. Now, according to Haslanger’s account, here’s where it got weird.

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The real Diocese of Fort Worth gets back on its feet

The diocese is healthy and growing. Since Bishop Gulick has been in office, fifty new Episcopalians have joined us, either through confirmation, reception or baptism. Fifteen of the new Episcopalians have come to the church in the displaced parishes—St. Stephen’s Hurst, Parker County Episcopalians, and St. Alban’s, Arlington. The rest came into the church at All Saints, Trinity, and St. Luke’s in the Meadow, all Fort Worth parishes.

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Northern California church gets property back

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California has announced a settlement agreement with a group calling itself “St. John’s Anglican” church, which has occupied the parish buildings at 40 Fifth Street in Petaluma, CA, since December 2006. Under the agreement, property will be returned to St. John’s Episcopal Church.

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Support the Café; give to the Bishop’s Appeal

Episcopal Café derives its very meager budget from the communications budget of the Diocese of Washington, which was significantly reduced this year. If you would like to support our work, please make an online donation here, and put the word Cafe in the box marked “dedication.” Thanks.

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Making Saints, II

The Wesley brothers, John Mason Neale, and Li Tim Oi (with her bishop Ronald Hall) broke church law because, facing a pastoral or mission dilemma, they saw no other good choice. They acted on their best, faithful interpretation of the work they believed the Spirit called them to. Their acts were public but they weren’t aiming to make a public statement or even to change the institution (though they did).

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A matter of present delight

As the Resurrection of the Lord was a cause of rejoicing for us in the Paschal liturgy, so his Ascension into heaven is a matter of present delight for us. We recall and rightly venerate that day when our lowly nature was carried in Christ above all the hosts of heaven, over all the angelic orders and beyond the height of all powers, to the seat of God the Father.

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