Day: May 22, 2009

Bishop Jenkins testifies on Capitol Hill

Bishop Charles Jenkins of Louisiana testified today before the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure urging Congress to continue funding the Disaster Housing Assistance Program past August 31, 2009.

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Breaking: CANA priest, former ACI leader, indicted for theft

The Rev. Donald Armstrong was arrested Wednesday after a Grand Jury indicted him on 20 counts of felony theft charges, concluding a two-year investigation by the Colorado Springs Police into Armstrong’s financial conduct while head priest of Grace and St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church downtown.

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Pause button in NH

A bill to legalize gay marriage in New Hampshire failed in the state House Wednesday by two votes but was sent back to a House-Senate conference to work out a compromise. If successful, the compromise should come back for a vote on June 3.

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Making saints: a response

I believe in good people. I also believe in saints. I believe that good people should be both honored and imitated by all—but saints are something different; saints are something more peculiar and more mysterious. I would say that most saints also fall into the first category, being a certain subset of “good people,” but to see them only as good people is a mistake.

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Humanity in heaven

The ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven does not separate him from us; rather, it involves us with him in the same destiny and the same way. For though he left the world, he did not leave his human nature. There is humanity in heaven now.

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