Day: June 10, 2009

Holocaust Museum shooting motivated by anti-Semitism

News is coming in this evening about the shooting which took place this afternoon at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. The gunman was well known to police and federal authorities as a white supremacist who blamed misfortunes in his life on the “Jews”. The gunman was shot and critically wounded after shooting a guard and fatally wounding him.

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In Georgia: coming to terms with the legacy of slavery

“Toward a full and faithful telling: repairing the breach of slavery, segregation and racism in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta” is an initiative our diocese has begun to help facilitate the process of building stronger bridges across the racial divide within the church. This is an initiative that all churches could embrace because everyone of them is impacted by slavery, segregation and racism regardless of their members’ race.

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A conversation about conversation with the Presiding Bishop

There are — or were — three dioceses with bishops who didn’t believe in the ordination of women. Those dioceses are recovering now and excited to have women as priests. There are some parts of the communion that don’t ordain women at all, as priests or as bishops. But we’re all in conversation.

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There is no individual salvation, in this world or the next

In a column last week, Paul Krugman of The New York Times, decried the actions of Ronald Reagan as the precursor to our current national economic woes. I agree with his assessment and remember clearly the warnings that my Democratic Aunt and Uncle and Mother and Father doled at that time: “This is NOT good for America. This is NOT good for Americans.”

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Clothed in language

Part of the interest in the salvific potential of textuality resulted from the affirmation of embodiment through the incarnation. Bodies were analogous to texts, a theme already explored in the hymns of the Syriac poet Ephrem.

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