Day: June 23, 2009

PB replies to question about secret panel

I regret that you have been somewhat misinformed about the work of the House of Bishops Theology Committee. My understanding is that they have asked several theologians to write a paper or papers, as consultants to the Theology Committee.

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Surfing for Jesus

… the vast majority are “not hurting for God,” according to project director Lee Rainie. Most are Sunday school teachers planning lessons, ministers writing sermons and church shoppers. You can Google God in your pajamas…

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ACNA numbers already plummeting?

[W]hat about those 100,000 members that ACNA claims? Shortly after it launched, the group actually lowered that number to 81,311 people in the pews every Sunday. In June, ACNA lowered that number again to 69,197.

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Confronting gun violence in church

In the last decade, he said, 50 people were killed and 30 wounded in 35 church shootings. In 2007, there were six church shootings. In 2008, there were 18. Is arming congregation members the answer?

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Same-sex weddings in the heartland

Everything changed for this Iowa nurse on April 3, when the Midwestern state’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled to overturn a ban on same-sex marriages. On that day, Pollard proposed to Gayla Snook, her partner of 10 years — three times, just because she could.

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Iran and the hour of decision

I for one do not assume that Moussavi will live up to the high hopes many have for him. Of course, he may not live at all. But, even if he does live, he may well disappoint. Perhaps Moussavi will not turn out to be the leader the Iranians in the streets long for him to be—at least not in every respect. At the same time, the first person testimony of the protestors who have taken to the streets is undeniable.

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Field of dreams

The kingdom of heaven is all around us, among us, in unsuspected places, in places where we might expect to find it if we look hard enough, and growing in ways we may find distasteful or surprising.

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