Day: June 25, 2009

A positive solution proposed

As their triennial approaches, some members of the Order of the Daughters of the King has proposed their own by-law changes that, if passed, would clarify and strengthen the relationship between the Order and the Episcopal Church.

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Episcopal Church facing dwindling revenue

Income during the 2010-2012 triennium could be $9 million less than forecast last January, when a draft churchwide budget was approved, according to the chair of the Episcopal Church’s budgetary committee.

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Image or presence?

Self-image is how we perceive ourselves as objects of others’ attention. For me to be aware of how you see me, I have to engineer an artificial “me” so I can become an object to myself – taken to its logical extremes you get the frivolities of high fashion. Presence, on the other hand, is indefensible and independent of external factors. It is a purely, or almost purely, subjective state. I am what I am.

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Treading tenderly

Humility, Benedict teaches, treads tenderly upon the life around it. When we know our place in the universe, we can afford to value the place of others. We need them, in fact, to make up what is wanting in us. We stand in the face of others without having to take up all the space.

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