Day: June 30, 2009

San Diego releases report on same sex unions

We encourage our 2009 General Convention deputation to support measures that allow the exercise of an “option” to perform blessings of same-sex relationships, rather than measures that would direct such blessings to be performed or direct such blessings to be prohibited.

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Countdown to Anaheim

IntegriTV, Integrity’s video presence in Anaheim launched Sunday, June 28th — 10 days before the beginning of General Convention 2009. A 10 part “MARCHING TO

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Bishop Allen writes from Honduras

“I want to call on the Church to keep this diocese and the Honduran people highly in prayers. I really don’t know what the future will bring. The Honduran delegation is ready to participate with you all at General Convention. However, if the course of actions does not improve in the next few days, I may have to reconsider.”

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Is CANA more Anglican than ACNA?

While Uganda immediately transferred their American parishes to ACNA, Nigeria did not. Martyn Minns talks about CANA churches having “dual” citizenship. He admits that ACNA churches are not part of the Anglican Communion, but says that CANA churches have better Anglican bona-fides because of their continuing connection to Nigeria.

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GC and B033: a preview and an analysis

The 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church is likely to pick up where the 75th General Convention left off, with attention focused squarely on one particular piece of legislation—Resolution B033. That bill, pushed through the 2006 convention on the final day under unusual parliamentary circumstances, was meant to insure that the Episcopal Church retained its place within the Anglican Communion, and has been widely interpreted as a de facto moratorium on the consecration of gay and bishops.

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The hidden God

Glory to you, hidden Son of God,

because your healing power is proclaimed

through the hidden suffering of the afflicted woman.

Through this woman whom they could see,

the witnesses were enabled to behold the divinity

that cannot be seen.

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