Day: July 5, 2009

Meet the Chicago Consultation

You will be hearing from individuals who attended meetings of the Chicago Consultation on the video blog for the next few weeks, so allow them to introduce themselves.

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The twittering church

Paul Vitello of the New York Times writes about the tentative and sometimes awkward embrace that religion gives social media.

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Few wish to be more kind

Preferences for Psychological Enhancements: The Reluctance to Enhance Fundamental Traits: We found that people were much more reluctant to enhance traits believed to be highly

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The God of open water

I was in my canoe with another kid in the scariest thunder storm ever, with giant waves, and literally miles to go, and I thought I was done. The boy supposedly steering our canoe had pretty much become catatonic from fear behind me, and there I was just paddling for dear life trying to drag us both to the other side of the shore. I recall looking overboard and contemplating jumping in.

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Attraction to the divine power

Perhaps, as in the case of metallic substances there exists in some a natural attraction toward some other thing, as in the magnet for iron, and in naphtha for fire, so there is an attraction in such faith toward the divine power according to what Jesus said: “It you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, ‘Move to another place,’ and it shall be moved.”

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